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Acumen Solutions: Delivering Salesforce Expertise Globally and Holistically

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David Joubran, President & CEO, Acumen Solutions, Inc.David Joubran, President & CEO
Leading an organization comes with its own sets of challenges which can be multidimensional in nature and can impact the bottom line of the companies in the long run. To resolve this, organizations must adopt a 360-degree approach-based business strategy to increase their process efficiencies in terms of sales and revenue. Gaining expertise in multiple domains of business has been an arduous task for many companies, but Acumen Solution has been standing tall since last 15 years. The company is a Salesforce Global Strategic Consultant that uses the right mix of innovative solutions to take its client’s business to the next level.

Acumen Solution leverages the Salesforce platform to build an array of innovative and personalized solutions for its clients to help them in their journey to success. The clients of Acumen Solutions include Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and enjoy being powered by best in class cloud technologies like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, SpringCM, Cloudcraze. The company’s onshore consultants ensure continuous innovation to cater to the needs of a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape. With a team of Salesforce Global strategic consultants, subject matter experts and engineers Acumen Services comes up with innovative solutions that could not have been solved by the implementation technology alone.

Acumen solutions have come up with a plethora of real-time solutions and for companies to revolutionize the way they work and innovate.
The company provides a list of services ranging from simple customer service, sales acceleration, engagement marketing to demand, and financial analysis to assist in digital transformation as well. All of the services are powered by various Salesforce variants like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud and finally these cloud services are integrated using Salesforce 1 with the Salesforce Cloud. The integration of Salesforce platform has provided numerous benefits like providing a complete view of customer’s behavior and preference, and cater a tailor-made solution to each of the clients. The company serves various verticals like public sector, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, education, health services to name a few.

Acumen Solution believes in helping its clients strengthen their customer relationship and build solutions that helps in growing revenue

Acumen solution has marked its footprint across the globe with ten offices and has served more than 1800+ organizations with a customer satisfaction rating of around 9.7. In an instance, one of the State’s leading job agency needed a responsive and high performing network to support its business expansion and retention plans. Acumen Solution helped the agency to develop a streamlined system that enabled the company to reduce duplication related errors and increase transparency to maximize its productivity. This helped the client to be able to coordinate efficiently with every other parts of their business by making information sharing much easier than before.

“Acumen Solution believes in helping its clients strengthen their customer relationship and build solutions that help in growing revenue,” quotes David Joubran, President & CEO, Acumen Solutions. The company is driven by a set of values which has stayed with them since the foundation day, and it is reflected in whatever they do as a company or at an individual level. Recently the company has been awarded for achieving the highest level of practice development with the largest year over year certification growth. This award recognizes the effort Acumen Solution is taking to empower its customer by being instrumental in their growth.