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Top 10 Salesforce Solutions Companies - 2019

2019 witnessed spotlight shining on Salesforce integration, Einstein voice, lightning web components. Siri was also surely be intriguing in the world of Salesforce. Salesforce partnership with Google and Apple has definitely innovate customer experience. Since its year of advent, Salesforce is marked by innovations. In 2018, we have witnessed Salesforce in Artificial Intelligence, IoT with more accuracy, speed, and accessibility. Salesforce has created a dynamic revolution in 2019 through learning, enormous developments, and technology. Further, all the efforts and internal projects related to Salesforce DX, VSCode and Packaging, reached the needed maturity to achieve success at enterprise level. Also the announcement of Lightning Web Components opened a new era of performance, standards, productivity and full stack developers from diverse technologies. This was a great moment to be involved with Dev teams as and Heroku development are getting aligned. 2019 was truly the year that companies move from Classic to Lightning. The time came and with so much feature parity now in place, as well as all the new functionality being released in Lighting—there's really no reason for companies not to switch. We also saw the company continue to make even the most complex technologies easy to use for everyday users, especially for small companies. For example, Salesforce designed their Essentials product to meet the sales and service needs most important to small businesses. That product includes powerful AI that can automate critical tasks like responding to customer service requests. Users continued to see powerful technologies like AI addressing their biggest challenges in solutions that are easy to understand and use. As announced at Dreamforce 2019, the coming months will see a new of development is coming to Lightning with Lightning Web Components. More power in the hands of developers and a welcome move towards standardization. Best of both the worlds, the best technologies emerging out of Internet and trust, credibility and scale of Salesforce Platform. Also, with Einstein, AI in Salesforce will further take longer strides into getting the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of CRM users and marketing Cloud will become one of the most used and adopted technologies across the industry. With further integration of Mulesoft platform with Salesforce, new avenues will open up making it for App Developers to create Salesforce apps faster than ever before. Also, customer 360 Salesforce Solution provides an unmatched solution with a 360-degree view of the customer. This is unlike anything being offered by any company in any industry. We present to you the “Top 10 Salesforce Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Salesforce Solutions Companies

  • Acumen solutions have come up with a plethora of real time solutions and provides multipronged platform for companies to revolutionize the way they work and innovate. The company provides a list of services ranging from effortless customer service, sales acceleration, engagement marketing to demand and financial analysis to assist in digital transformation as well. The company believes that it is driven by a set of values which has stayed with them since the foundation day and it is reflected in whatever they do as a company or at an individual level. recently the company has been awarded for achieving highest level of practice development with the largest year over year certification growth. This award recognises the effort Acumen Solution is taking to empower its customer by being instrumental in their growth

  • Based out of Markham, Ontario, Canada, and serve over 1,600 users at organizations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia Causeview delivers a complete donor management software and gift processing solution. Backed by Salesforce, Causeview transforms the CRM platform into Donor Management System by improving and providing a robust payment processing functionality. Causeview transforms CRM platforms into Donor Management systems by providing powerful payment processing functionality. Causeview does it all: one-time or recurring gifts, tributes, pledges, split donations, soft credits, and event tickets with discount codes

  • provides a platform to help customers clean up, document and drive adoption of their Salesforce implementations, irrespective of the user, be it administrators, developers, consultants or business analysts. The company’s Elements Catalyst functions as the underlying foundation upon which Salesforce implementations could be carried out. . Through Elements Catalyst, one can instantly see the requirements that generated a workflow, the processes that needed it, and other metadata inside Salesforce that use it, along with the associated training materials. All of these processes add context to Salesforce implementations, serving as the singular documentation hub

  • To make Salesforce Org seamless for system admins, Metazoa has rolled in a solution called Snapshot which allows users to have a comprehensive view of their org. Metazoa believes in providing the best practices to admins and developers working together to keep their org in place and organized. The company intent to keep the org optimized and seamless while expanding their clients’ Salesform platform with Snapshot by wrapping Salesforce API in clicks instead of codes. Snapshot is one of its kind complete Salesforce Org Management System and present highly visual tools from any Salesforce Account to make it relatively convenient for its users. With the help of Snapshot, metadata assets can be moved in and out of the sandbox, providing compliance, governance and security as well as keeping the org optimized

  • Orion Global Solutions, a cloud advisory firm and a Salesforce silver partner assist clients in distinguishing their brand and guiding their digital transformations. With the values of community, creativity, respect, integrity, and results embedded at its core, Orion Global Solutions implements and leverages the Salesforce Platform using best practices, innovation and integration of powerful third-party apps to drive unparalleled CRM experience. The firm follows a proprietary Orion Methodology to understand the clients’ business processes and project requirements and meticulously align appropriate technology stacks on a CRM platform to improve and maximize ROI

  • 7Summits


    7Summits is the leader in experience-driven digital transformation solutions that empower customers, enable partners, and unleash employees. Its proven approach combines strategic consulting, user-centered experience design, and deep technical expertise to improve clients’ business processes through collaboration and automation. 7Summits is a Salesforce Platinum-level Consulting Partner, a two-time recipient of Salesforce Venture funding, and is recognized by industry analysts and observers as a standout digital solutions provider. The firm is passionate about unleashing people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways. By focusing on this first, it provides a more complete understanding of cross functional interactions and provides companies with the deep insights necessary to unlock tremendous business value in their markets



    CEPTES Software is an Information Technology company focused on consulting in Cloud, Analytics and AI related technologies especially on Salesforce and platform since 2010. Provides enterprise level organizations with on-demand Salesforce integration expertise, premium project management, CRM implementation, lightning development, and end-to-end support. Embrace Salesforce technology to streamline & transform business processes and connect to your customer in a whole new way. The team consists of 80% Salesforce certified resources bringing years of experience from varied industries. Using agile techniques, roll out functionalities and incorporate feedback into the build, incrementally refining it into feature-rich products

  • Cloud for Good LLC

    Cloud for Good LLC

    Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a Premium Salesforce.Org Partner specializing in donor management, case management, and marketing automation implementations for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions. With over 1,500 nonprofit implementations completed, Cloud for Good helps clients create transformational value with technology. Providing nonprofits with the opportunity to focus on their mission is what drives the team at Cloud for Good. Cloud for Good may have started small, but the team has grown to more than 50 employees serving the nonprofit community throughout the United States and Canada

  • Formstack


    Formstack was founded in February 28, 2006. The firm started as one guy trying to provide a simple data capture solution. Since then, its product has evolved into a powerful workplace productivity platform that helps people in all industries transform the way they collect data and put it to work. Formstack was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana, but it is now a remote-first company with employees all over the world. With its powerful data collection and process automation capabilities, Formstack reduces data chaos and solves important business problems

  • Simplus


    Simplus is a global Platinum Salesforce Partner and the industry leader in Quote-to-Cash implementations, providing enterprise-wide digital transformation through advisory, implementation, change management, custom configuration, and managed services. Because of its commitment to simplifying the Salesforce implementation journey for customers, Simplus is the only designated Salesforce consulting “leader” on G2Crowd. The firm has completed more than 2,000 successful projects and are in the top 1% of all implementation partners by customer service rating. At Simplus, culture comes first. Guided by its values of stewardship, critical thinking, and an underdog spirit, the firm places ideas in front of titles, value diversity, and continually strive to serve its customers and each other