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Metazoa: Simplifying Salesforce Org and Release Management

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Jennifer Mercer, CEO, MetazoaJennifer Mercer, CEO
Beyond managing customer relationship, Salesforce Org that represents a customer’s version of Salesforce is an identifier and a well-integrated platform with features that help analyze their strategy to increase overall productivity. Despite the benefits that Salesforce has in store to offer, usually, the org is overly complicated with lots of features embedded into it. The companies face challenges regarding data migration, integration, and maintenance as working with large and complex data can be a daunting task. They also deal with challenges related to change and release management including moving metadata between multiple environments, unexpected sandboxes refresh, and handling large metadata assets.

To make Salesforce Org seamless for system admins, Metazoa has rolled in a solution called Snapshot which allows users to have a comprehensive view of their org. Metazoa believes in providing the best practices to admins and developers working together to keep their org in place and organized. The company intent to keep the org optimized and seamless while expanding their clients’ Salesform platform with Snapshot by wrapping Salesforce API in clicks instead of codes.

Snapshot is one of its kind complete Salesforce Org Management System and present highly visual tools from any Salesforce Account to make it relatively convenient for its users. With the help of Snapshot, metadata assets can be moved in and out of the sandbox, providing compliance, governance and security as well as keeping the org optimized.

Snapshot figures out the best field to load so as to make the data migration relatively easier

Snapshot’s primary aim is to generate reports on the metadata configuration, deploy changes from sandbox to production, roll back deployments, conduct continuous integration, clean up unused assets, and track configuration changes over time.

The competencies of Snapshot are designed in order to support tasks like corporate governance, compliance and security practices. Some of the features that make Snapshot such widely accepted is its ability to compare snapshot changes between orgs over time, analyze the differences, manage, search and merge previously used job lists as well as sets up continuous integration between any Salesforce org, or project folder. Snapshot also figures out the best field to load so as to make the data migration relatively easier. The above features helps the company’s clients to significantly reduce the time taken to monitor and maintain Salesforce org, thereby also reducing the costs associated with it.

Snapshot has a clear advantage over many third-party tools and is preferred by several companies. The story of one such client, who specializes in creating online learning opportunities was dealing with a large number of manual and time-consuming updates which was tedious and had started affecting the company’s effectiveness. Post integration, Snapshot was able to free up a significant amount of resources as well as time and money with their toolset that is capable enough to address a wide range of snapshot instances while preserving all the data.

Metazoa recently turned a year old and its first year was full of excitement and was solely dedicated to Snapshot and the AppExchange. The future runway will see a significant Snapshot feature release integrated with some powerful tools that will help create an end-to-end org management solution. The company believes in working closely with its customers and strategically partner to put its best foot forward while maintaining its core values. The company believes in supporting clients success as well as providing the best change and release management software experience.